Plants & Trees

Complete Your Vision with High Quality, Hand Selected Plants & Trees

Plant and tree selection is a creative, strategic and important element in the landscaping process. From creating curb appeal or a backyard oasis, to providing visual texture, colour and depth to your space – Selections Nursery has a range of high quality plants and trees to complete your vision.

All products at Selections Nursery are hand-picked by the owner, Bruce Hunter, a landscape designer, installer and horticulturalist for 30+ years. Bruce’s experience and passion for this industry result in a variety of plants and trees that are unique, eye-catching and will provide year-round interest in your landscape designs and installations.

Some Images to Highlight our Wide-Ranging Selections…

Selections is able to source thousands of species, cultivars and hybrids of plants and trees – please contact us for specific plant and tree requests, or drop by the nursery.

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Bulk Yard (Soil, Sand, Gravel)

Selections Nursery – Your Destination for High Quality Bulk Landscaping Products

The foundation of any landscape construction project and/or softscape installation starts with superior bulk products. Selections carries a range of bulk materials to suit your needs:

  • Garden Soil
  • Turf Blend Top Soil
  • Composted Mulch
  • Sechelt Sand
  • ¾” Clear Crush
  • Road Base
  • Crusher Fines
  • 2” Round Rock
  • 2-6” River Rock

Make Selections Nursery your destination for high quality bulk products. We are also a green waste recycle site – come in with a truck or trailer full of organic green waste and leave with the soil, sand or gravel you need.

No truck and trailer? No worries! We can deliver any product you need straight to your door.

Just Some of Our Selection of Bulk Products…

Please contact us for specific bulk yard requests, or drop by the nursery.

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Natural Stone

Long-Lasting Durability & Limitless Design Opportunities

With variations of colour and texture, limitless design opportunities and durability, natural stone will bring a long-lasting, organic look and feel to the space.

From walls to patios and pathways and beyond, stone adds a naturalistic essence to any hardscape. It requires vision and expertise from a dedicated landscape professional and adds timeless beauty to any outdoor space.

Selections Nursery supplies a variety of natural stone products for any landscape installation:

  • Flagstone
  • Drystack Wallstone
  • Basalt Risers
  • Basalt Boulders
  • River Boulders
  • Basalt Step Stones
  • Sawn Bottom Basalt Columns (S, M, L)
  • Grizzly Granite Slabs

Just Some of Our Selection of Natural Stone…

Please contact us for specific natural stone or paver requests, or drop by the nursery.

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Green Waste Recycle Site

Recycle Your Green Organic Waste at Selections Nursery

Landscape maintenance projects, yard clean-ups, installations and demolitions all create green waste. Here at Selections Nursery, we accept green waste and send it to a recycling facility to be made into soil products.

We accept the following items for green waste recycling:

  • Lawn / garden clippings
  • Leaves
  • Discarded plant material
  • Moss
  • Branches
  • Roots and small trees
  • Soil

Please ensure the green waste is free of garbage, plastic, metal and paper. Once your truck or trailer is empty, head over to our bulk yard to be loaded with the materials you need to finish your job. It’s that easy!

Questions on Green Waste?

Please contact us with any specific questions on green waste recycle, or drop by the nursery.

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Water Features & Pond Supplies

Soothe, Calm & Inspire

Adding water to the garden creates a feeling of serenity and tranquility and fosters a strong connection with nature. A well-designed water feature will soothe, calm and inspire as well as integrate seamlessly into the surrounding landscape.

Selections Nursery is an Aquascape™ water feature and pond products supplier and has everything you need to create and install the water feature of your dreams. From a small gurgler set to a pond with a waterfall, the options are truly endless.

We carry:

  • Basins
  • Aquablox™
  • Water feature kits
  • Liners, fabric, tubing, and sealants
  • Pumps and valves
  • Lighting kits (also sold individually)
  • Basalt gurglers
  • Basalt columns
  • Decorative rockery
  • Water and marginal plants

Please contact us with any specific questions or requests. You can also access the complete Aquascape™ catalogue of products. If there is a specific item you need, we would be happy to order it for you!

Imagery that Inspires…

Please contact us with any specific questions or requests for water features – we are happy to source speciality items.

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Landscape Design Centre

Our design services are provided through Selections Nursery and Design Centre and Hunter Landscape Design Ltd; both owned and operated by Bruce Hunter.

Both businesses pride themselves on creating and maintaining personable and professional relationships with their clients and connecting homeowners with landscape professionals who can take their new designs from concept to reality.

Every client’s space, needs and budget are different. We will work with you to make sure our design services match the project that you envision – from simple to complex.

The Full Design Process:

Step 1 – Consultation

The client consultation is the first step in the design process. We will meet with you at your home to discuss your wants, needs and desires for your outdoor space. This also gives us the opportunity to view the existing site features and take note of any positives and limitations. We will use our expertise to relay any initial ideas and concepts for the design and, if necessary, send plant and material photos to help with the visualization process. There is a consultation fee applicable for this portion for the design process; later this fee can be applied toward the final cost stated on the Design Contract.

The contract will include the following plans and information:

Step 2 – Design

After reviewing the goals and objectives for your project, a Design Contract is written up to verify both parties agreement on the applicable fee and design package components.

The contract will include the following plans and information:

Concept Plan:

This is a layout plan showing proposed landscape features, hardscaping and planting areas. We will schedule a meeting to review this plan and discuss details such as material and plant choices. We can also discuss any revisions in preparation for the Final Plan.

Final Landscape Plan:

A final landscape plan features all components labelled including hardscape dimensions and materials (patios, arbours, small building construction like gazebos and sheds, retaining walls, etc.) and softscape areas and materials (all plant material). Plants will be labelled with common and botanical names and listed with the quantities and nursery sizes. If needed, we can also provide a rough estimate of the cost for installation of the project.

Garden Renovation Package:

This cost-effective option is for the inspired gardener seeking professional direction as they endeavor to beautify an area of their landscape. We have also found that this is a very popular option for strata properties.

This Package includes:


We will meet with you at your home to look at your space and discuss your hopes, dreams and vision for your garden. We will help troubleshoot any existing issues and develop suggestions to overcome them.

This consultation may also include a quick survey of any existing and proposed areas/features.

Plant/Materials List:

From the consultation process, we will develop a detailed plant and materials list which will include concept images of what was discussed. An estimate for the cost of all plants and materials (as well as delivery) will also be included.

Nursery Visit:

At any point during the process, we encourage you to visit the nursery to not only view some of the plants/materials that we have in stock, but to also see the plants/materials we have chosen for you in an up close and personal setting. These meetings can help us both solidify a plant list for your garden and allow us to dive into your likes and dislikes.

Contractor Referral (optional):

If you would rather have a professional complete the work on your garden renovation, we would be happy to connect you with a trusted landscape contractor.

Optional Services:

Landscape Layout/Sketch:

If you would like us to sketch up or draft a labelled drawing of your proposed layout, we would be happy to provide you with one. This work would be quoted separately (per hour) and be based on the complexity of the project.

Plant Layout:

Once the plant list for your garden is finalized and planting areas have been prepared, we will pull your order, deliver your plants and lay them out for you in your landscape to prepare for planting. They will be spaced out according to their mature size and placed in a way that is functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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