Vertical Gardens – An Efficient Use of Space

Vertical gardens are an efficient use of space, and have an incredible range of applications. The popularity of vertical gardens has been on the rise the past few years and continues to grow as more homeowners, landscape designers and architects experiment with unique installations.

Our Vertical Garden System

Selections Nursery’s vertical garden system is unlike most currently on the market. Many rely on high water use and hydroponics for plant nutrition, and still have high plant mortality. We have used a deep galvanized steel cage framework that allows plants to grow in a suitable depth of soil, giving their roots the necessary space to thrive. This soil allowance extends the life of the plants, and requires the same water needs as a traditional horizontal garden bed.

The vertical garden system available at Selections Nursery can be customized to fit your space and project. Each panel can be as small as 1′ high x 5′ wide, or 1′ high x 8′ wide. With those dimensions in mind, you can build your vertical garden as small or large you desire.

Our panels can be installed against a wall, freestanding or attached to another panel to create a wall, fence or divider as needed. Panels can be framed by stone, cedar or another material to work with the surrounding design.

Residential Applications

  • Define spaces – create privacy around a hot tub, seating or dining area
  • Excellent for small spaces – condo patios, townhome yards
  • Use as free-standing living art in an interior setting

Commercial Applications

  • Privacy screens for restaurant patios, pool & hot tub decks
  • Free-standing, living art in an office lobby, concourse or common gathering area
  • High rise tower patio green space

Plant Selection for  Vertical Gardens

The design possibilities are vast when considering planting choices.

Edible Gardens

  • Plant a vertical herb garden, situated within reach to your BBQ or outdoor kitchen
  • Keep your strawberry plants safe from pesky bunnies trying to nibble the flowers – and easier to pick, being off the ground!

Decorative Gardens

  • Arrange plants with contrasting colour, texture, size and height to create a pleasing, unique pattern
  • Select small blooms to be used as cut flowers

Vertical Garden History

In the horticultural industry we credit botanist Patrick Blanc with inventing the living wall concept in the late 80’s. Since then, living walls have become common place, showing up in commercial spaces, bringing nature into urban cities, popping up to cover an exterior concrete wall or add colour and texture to interior spaces.

While many commercial installations are expensive and done on a large scale, there are options for residential design as well. The vertical garden system available at Selections Nursery could easily be installed both residentially and commercially.

Just Some of Our Selection of Vertical Garden Systems…

Please contact us with any specific questions on our Vertical Garden System.

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