Nandina 'Gulf Stream'

Visually stunning perennial plants with low maintenance requirements.

Nandina ‘Gulf Stream’ 

Nandina 'Gulf Stream' - low maintenance plant
Nandina ‘Gulf Stream’

This shrub is well-known at our nursery for its top-performance qualities. Nandina ‘Gulf Stream’ is a reliable, low maintenance and visually striking plant that does not require pruning. Creamy spring flowers turn to glossy red berries in summer, further adding to its desirable qualities.

Size: 3’ H and W (compact form)
Drought tolerant once established
Full sun to part shade.

Combines well with:
Pennisetum ‘Karley Rose’ and Phormium tenax ‘Bronze’

Phormium tenax ‘Bronze’

Phormium tenax 'Bronze' 1 - low maintenance plant
Phormium tenax ‘Bronze’ 1

‘Bronze’ New Zealand Flax makes a striking accent to a sunny garden spot. Although maintenance requirements are small, this plant will return your investment ten-fold. A mid-summer explosion of juicy orange-red flowers provides a feast for hummingbirds.

Drought tolerant once established
Size: max. 7’ H & W
Full to part sun, USDA Zone 8, protect from extreme frost.

Combines well with:  Choisya ‘Goldfinger’ and Hemerocallis ‘Frans Hals’

Choisya 'Goldfinger' - low maintenance plant
Choisya ‘Goldfinger’

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